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Several artists exist with this name: 1. Tent (also labeled as TENT) is a Russian heavy metal and metalcore inspired band from Moscow that was formed in 2005. Their line-up consists of "Paranoia" (voice), "Serg" (guitar, voice), "Dev" (guitar), "Slip" (bass), and "Shpion" (drums). Website: http://www.tentative.ru 2. Tent (also labeled as TENT) is an alternative/indie rock group from Germany that was created in 2004. Influenced by bands such as Nada Surf and The Thermals, their first output was the demo release 'The Data Transfer Problem', which came out in 2005. The first official release, the full EP 'Do Something', came out in 2006 on the Records & Me Label. In 2007, the band released their official debut album, titled 'Excuso' (also on Records & Me). The band consists of Alexander Eß (guitar, voice), Malte Graubner (bass), and Benedikt Wahls (drums). They have already shared the stage with bands such as Koufax and The Figurines. Websites: www.myspace.com/tentmusic & www.tentmusic.de 3. Tent (also labeled as TENT) was a New Wave band that had some success in the 80s, known for their dark and often atmospheric sound similar to contemporaries such as Gary Numan and Ultravox. The Dutch group was from the Kennemerland region. Their releases include the songs "Rome", "Without Shelter", and "Uncertain and Wild". More info (in Dutch): http://www.muziekencyclopedie.nl/action/entry/Tent & http://www.writteninmusic.com/pop/the-dutch-tent-w-a-t/lang/nl/

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