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Teoman biography

Also known as Teoman Yakupoğlu. A popular rock singer and song-writer in Turkey. He was born in 1967 in Istanbul. First, he performed the vocals for 'The Indians'. Then he released his debut in the late 90s. He has 10 albums & 3 singles-remixes up until now. Alb.: Teoman (1996), O (1998), Onyedi (2000), Gönülçelen (2001), Teoman-2 (2003), En Güzel Hikayem (2004), Best Of Teoman (2004), Renkli Rüyalar oteli (2006), İnsanlık Halleri (2009), Aşk & Gurur (2011). S&R: Remixler (2002), Kupa Kızı Sinek Valesi (2003), Duş Remixler (2005) and soundtrack album of 'Balans ve Manevra' which he wrote and directed. He released his album (Renkli Rüyalar Oteli) in 2006 with the arrangers Mehmet Unal and Safa Hendem who were also playing with him at the time. http://www.teoman.com.tr/

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