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Tephra was a band from Braunschweig, Germany that founded in the end of 2003. Before they formed Tephra, all the members played in various musically quite diverse local bands. This influences the band in many different ways. Tephra has developed a unique atmospheric sludge metal sound stemming from many different sources of inspiration. Their first release -as a four piece band was a self-produced demo cd containing four songs. In the beginning of 2005 they entered the studio to record their self-entitled first full length tephra which was released on Riptide Recordings in March 2005. Touring for their debut LP through all of Germany and Europe, they came up with new songs introducing keyboards, samples and a fifth member. In March 2007 they once again entered the studio to record their sophomore album, entitled A Modicum Of Truth. It was released in October 2007 on Riptide Recordings. At the end of 2008 they went back to being a four-piece, due to the job related departure of their keyboard player. After spending the last two years writing new songs and playing a few selected shows and festivals. In September 2010 the band entered the studio to record their 3rd album called Tempel Before the release of Tempel a split 7" with Omega Massif was released by Cyclone Empire in November of 2010. Tempel was released by Golden Antenna Records on February 18th 2011. A limited boxset of the album was released later that year and in October of 2011 a remastered version of the Demo was released on vinyl for the first time ever. TEPHRA ceased to exist in september 2012. Tephra were: Alex - guitars Ercüment - guitars & vocals Aaron - bass Vinod - drums tephra @ facebook tephra @ bandcamp tephra official site

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