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Tera biography

There is more than one artist using the name Tera. (1) Tera is a christian rock band, which consists of two ex-Terapia members, a Realismi member and a Sacrecy member. Tera plays their own production from the two released albums, but also some songs of Terapia fame can be heard at the gigs. Members: Petri Lassila; Vocals, guitar (ex Terapia) Antti Honkkila; Guitar, backing vocals (ex Terapia) Jesse Riikonen; Bass, backing vocals (Sacrecy) Matti Honkkila; Drums (Realismi) Ex-members: Pike Määttä; Bass, backing vocals (Realismi) Records: Uusi veri (2007) Minulle ei ole paikkaa (2010) (2) - Tera is also the name of the digital music composer (Ting Si Hao) who creates video games style music. He has so far released a solo album entitled Hope (2006) and Superscenic Original Soundtrack (2007)

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