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Terasbetoni biography

Teräsbetoni (Translated as Reinforced Concrete) is a Finnish heavy metal band. Their first album, Metallitotuus (Trans. "Metal truth"), was released in 2005 and has so far sold more than 32,000 copies. Teräsbetoni has been strongly influenced by bands such as Manowar. The music of Teräsbetoni has a martial air to it, with lyrics glorifying a paganistic warrior lifestyle and a "brotherhood of metal". The style has received mixed reception, with many considering it to be exceedingly corny. They very seldom, if ever, play their shows with shirts on and as a result, the audience often follows their example. Their second album, Vaadimme Metallia (Trans. "We Demand Metal")was released in 2006 in two editions: A standard edition, and a limited edition with a differnt colour scheme on the cover, 3 bonus tracks and a DVD featuring live footage and videos for the songs "Vaadimme Metallia" and "Orjatar" Third album, "Myrskyntuoja" (Trans. "Stormbringer") was released in summer of 2008 and it contains 12 songs. Teräsbetoni also participated in Eurovision Song Contest for Finland with a song "Missä Miehet Ratsastaa (Trans. Where The Men Ride Forth)" in 2008, gaining 22th place with 35 points in the final. In 2010, Teräsbetoni released their fourth album Maailma Tarvitsee Sankareita (World Needs Heroes), containing 11 songs.

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