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“I don’t know much Swedish. But I do know ‘en mer öl, tack’ means "one more beer, please," says Teron Beal as he imbibes the last portion of his first beer. Teron is sitting in an understated rock & roll bar in trendy Södermalm in southern Stockholm. Putting the finishing touches on a collection of soon-to-be-released songs, Teron is spending quite a bit of time in Sweden these days. If it seems a bit peculiar that an accomplished R&B songwriter from rural Tyler, Texas would find his way into the rock & roll bars and studios of Sweden’s economic and populous epicenter, consider the fact that Sweden is listed as one of the top three exporters of music in the world, along with USA and the UK. “I’d been back and forth to Sweden working on songs for other artists with my Swedish drinking buddies for a good minute, and somehow we ended up with these joints, [songs] that just sounded like me, whatever that is.” What that is is a hybrid of gospel/R&B melodies and phrasing poignantly juxtaposed with distorted rock guitar riffs and swishing percussion as Teron candidly examines his thoughts and feelings. Musical juxtaposition is a documented talent of Teron’s, having already penned career-defining gems for artists from Chrisette Michele, Bonnie Raitt and Mya to Jamie Cullum, Robyn and Michael Jackson. “I never used to think of making music as a career or anything. It’s just a part of me being me, making it all up as I go along. I don’t think I really started taking this seriously until I was in the studio with Michael Jackson.” Teron says it wasn’t until he was face to face with the infamous gloved one himself that he realized, “Hey, I might be okay at this writing songs thing. Maybe some folks will actually think I’ve got something interesting to say, in-between the beers”. Teron shrugs as he motions to the bartender and says, “En mer öl, tack.”

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