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Terra Firma is a name used by at least three groups. The earliest being an Australian hip hop group from Adelaide and part of the Certified Wise Crew. Also a Swedish stoner/doom metal band, now disbanded. Also a U.K. hip hop outfit. 1. Terra Firma (Sweden) The band Terra Firma was formed in 1995 by Fredrik Lindgren (Unleashed) and Christian Lindersson (Count Raven, Saint Vitus) to serve as a side-project from their bands at that time.They released two records before the band split up, Terra Firma 1999 and Harms Way 2000. Members were: Lord Chritus(Christian Lindersson)Vocals (]Count Raven, Saint Vitus, Lord Vicar, Goatess) Fredrik Lindgren Guitar (]Unleashed, Harms Way) Nico Elgstrand Bass (Entombed) Izmo Ledderfejs Drums 2. Terra Firma (Australian) Formed in 1994, Terra Firma have been carving their own style in the Australian Hip Hop scene since. With their own blend of multicultural sounds, poetic story lines and straight up party style beats, their music is being enjoyed and respected by all walks of life. After the release of their first album Waking the Past, Terra Firma quickly became an act to look out for, with Terra Firma being chosen to support some of the world's biggest hip hop acts. Terra Firma have also just finished performing five live shows with a six piece live band for the Adelaide Festival, in which they performed in front of 1000+ people per night, while also producing a new album on the sidelines. Terra Firma's live shows have become the trademark of the group and the crew always come through with an entertaining and value-for-money show even for people that are not into hip hop. 3. Terra Firma (U.K.) TERRA FIRMA - The Ground Breaking …East London Based Hip Hop Crew. A UK Hip-Hop group, members being (Richochet) Klashnekoff, Skriblah, D.Ablo, Sparrow & Diamond Ruff. Kyza was previously member but left for reasons unknown in late 2006. There debut Mix CD THE FOUNDATION was released 2006/2007 and included the UK hip hop / rap /urban classic tracks tracks WAR, GIT DOWN, THE FOUNDATION & ANGELS BESIDE ME. And received much critical acclaim, and by doing so created the foundations as its title name suggest to make a huge impact with there first Full Album. They are currently working on this yet un-named album, which is anticipated for release in spring / summer 2009 . 4. Terra Firma (USA, Columbus, Ohio) A deathcore band that combines with a electronic sound into their songs.

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