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In the last month of the new millennium's leap year, the mirrors' surface was covered by ripples. Cracks appeared in the depths of emptiness. The mist in its muteness conceived time. When the rushes caught fire in the distance and the sigh became a sea-mew's secret name, the invisible doors began to open. Only the one astray could hear the shining of the new path. This moment had been awaited. The missing fragments of the puzzle were found and all the strange and forgotten dreams returned to their shelves in the lost library. The circle closed. The revelation came. The first melody was born. The sounds glistened and flashed with future reminiscences. Thus the Land of Impressions was rediscovered. The music of Terra Impressionum is absinthe stories told by those who are not afraid of distorting mirrors. It is echoes of events and cities gone under sand, which are rushing about in the fifth element – the aether. It is a staircase leading to the remotest corners of the soul. Non-initiates happen to descend one step only to retreat. Mourning! Tangles of sounds directed by the Keepers penetrate the hearts of all who have thought of estrangement and placidity but once. Even closed eyelids will not save you from blinding light, no matter how fast the river might be locked – the levee will break. the Land of Impressions is glad to greet the newcomers. Everyone may get here, but he will not go beyond his own laughter. The silence and enchantment of the Earth’s vastitude alternate with the farcical craze of a carnival or funfair. Just for a penny you could temporarily transform into a fragrance lamp, walk among the lines of burned manuscripts, become a silent movie star or learn to read charred stones… Is returning worth it? Nobody will answer. Mercury fumes will not be caught. You cannot drive away the memories of the journey done and the walks along the moonlight path anymore. The Keepers will not even follow you with their eyes. They can feel the pulse change.

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