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Originating from New York State, Terra Naomi is an independent singer-songwriter who was based in London, United Kingdom but now lives in Los Angeles. She sings, plays the guitar and piano, and writes her own music. She has toured the country on a number of occasions and in 2006 devised a "Virtual Summer Tour", which involved recording videos of her performing her own songs, covers and requests in her apartment, and then broadcasting them on her MySpace page, later on YouTube. This gained her many new fans, and her song Say It's Possible led to well over a hundred "covers" being uploaded by fans, including versions in spanish, french and chinese. In March 2007, it won the YouTube award for 'Best Music Video'. In April 2006 Terra Naomi was part of a 100-piece choir who recorded for Neil Young's album Living With War. This was an influential experience for her, inspiring the song Something Good To Show You which has become the title for a "pro-humanity", anti-war project hoping to unite people with similar visions and helping them to make a difference to the way we live. Terra Naomi interacts closely with her fans, making use of the Internet - her blog gives an insight into her life and shares her passionate views on some issues. Terra has begun to venture out of the US and has performed in London at 'The Borderline', and 'Troubadour'. She returned to the UK once again at the end of October 2006 to perform in London and at the 'In The City' festival in Manchester. This accompanied the release of her album 'Virtually', featuring both acoustic and full band songs. The CD ran out of it's first 2,000 print run in only eight days via Internet sales, and went to reprint, ultimately selling 6,000 copies before being withdrawn in December 2006. In the fall of that year, Terra Naomi announced that she was signed to a UK-based music publisher, Universal Music. At the end of December 2006, it was further announced that she has been signed to Island Records, a Universal Music label. Terra Naomi announced that she is to temporarily relocate to the UK for an undisclosed period. She sold out her last Los Angeles performance "for a while" at the Coach House, on 7th January 2007, and now she is living in London. Terra wrote 'Clean' -- a song for the soundtrack of the upcoming film 'Sherry Baby' released in 2006 (in the album, but not in the movie). The soundtrack CD was released in September 2006. She co-wrote "The Moment" for the soundtrack of the film 'Because I Said So', released in April 24th, 2007. Terra has continued to contribute videos to her YouTube page, including clips from her second London trip, and most notably a new "official video" of Say it's Possible, released to coincide with the New Year, and featuring numerous video clips solicited from her worldwide fan base, expressing their aspirations for the year. This was "featured" by YouTube, and quickly reached many of the top categories for which it was eligible. In December 2006 Terra announced on her message board that she had been signed up to Island Records. Her first single, "Say it's Possible", was released on June 11th, and her album, "Under The Influence" was released in August 27, 2007. On July 7, 2007 Terra performed in Wembley Stadium as part of Live Earth, singing "Say It's Possible". Terra is currently recording her follow up album to "Under The Influence" in the US.

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