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In summer 2002 begun the history of this Heavy Metal band that initially was called Guardian Legend when guitarist Lohengrin was looking for a rhythm guitar player in order to dedicated himself to the lead guitars, this guitarist was Felipe Rojo that accepted immediately and they started this Project, they later contacted Diego Villa to play the basses and Giovanni Pulido to play the drums. They started the rehearsals with a singer called Yenya Cap, after a while she didn’t want to take part of the Project due to musical differences between her and the other band mates. They played in a school music festival where guitarist Felipe Rojo sang the songs because they couldn’t find a replacement for Yenya and they won the contest, after this they decided to give more of themselves musically to this Project and they changed the name of Guardian Legend to Dagorlad. They played after in a local bar called Mandala where people started to show interest in the band but drummer Giovanni Pulido leaves the band and is replaced by Elkin Montoya, with the changes in the line up the problems begin to rise between Lohengrin and the rest of the members and so he decided to left Dagorlad. The band met Juan David Pérez and then he entered in the band to play the keyboards. The band needed a lead guitarist but there where no one with the interest and the skills to play the songs until the arrival of Santiago Mora. Later in 2003 Felipe Rojo was having problems with singing and playing the guitars for the new songs so they decided that the band needed a singer that only concentrated his efforts o the vocal duties. They were searching for a singer but in Medellin is difficult to find a good voice to this kind of music, so they invited Francisco Murillo that at that time was singing in the bands Fuga, Ío and Nova Terria (a French band that shortly after changed its name to Celestial Dream). Francisco Murillo decided to be a permanent member and a successful period of composition and musical depuration started, the new songs demands a more skilled playing and because of this and personal differences Elkin Montoya and Juan David Pérez left the band. After playing in a few concerts the band started to grow in the local metal circuit and captures the attention of Zulay Ospina that immediately wants to become a closer friend and “manager” of the band. The name of the band changed from Dagorlad to TERRA SUR that means: “land from the south” and the group decided to enters in the Studio in March of 2004 under the supervision and production of Julio Cesar Osorio to record their first 4 song demo sang in Spanish language called: “Horizonte Gris”. This marks the beginning of the history of the band. In June of 2004 Samir Arciniegas enters in the band to play the drums and the search for a keyboard player starts finding a replacement in Pausan Liu Wu and Esteban Mesa but they haven’t the time and the skills to play the new compositions. The decision to write the songs in English language and musical differences between the band and Felipe Rojo made him leave TERRA SUR and Santiago Mora took control over the whole guitar work. Only until April 2006 a friend of the band presented the right person to take the keyboard duties, his name, Santiago Del Pino, now the band’s line up is complete and they’re working so hard in order to release his first full length album due to 2007.

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