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Terra Terra Terra is a Lakeland, FL native that has been working the Central Florida music scene for all it's worth. In the past two years they have concentrated their full efforts into making music that has style, depth, and mainstream appeal. In 2007 Terra released its first self-titled album which was quite well received. Soon after, those who were exposed to their music began to get a good vibe, and they made it clear that they wanted more. Thus, Terra made the choice to pursue music as fully as is humanly possible. The road traveled was not easy, but through many trials, such as member changes and financial investments, the boys have finally achieved the first of many steps they would like to take. We are proud to announce that Terra Terra Terra have signed with Round Kid Records(Sub-Label of Bonded Records) and will release their new album "Mind Like A Man,Soul Like A Child" coming to a store near you summer 2009. With a solid line-up and new material (along with some re-recorded favorites) this band will definitely be doing great things in the future. Keep an ear out for the hit song "Transmission Lost" on a radio station near you soon.... For booking contact: Jeremy Escherich (Army of Two Management and Booking) at theskyburns@yahoo.com For comments, complaints, and/or hate mail, email: TerraTerraTerraMusic@gmail.com.

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