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Venice, California-based blues rock outfit, Terraplane Sun, released its sophomore album, the ambitious, raw and organic, Coyote, in 2011. Proudly representing its Westside roots, the quintet splits its time between Venice and Malibu, where it has honed a sound conveying a swampy southern delta feel as much as it does the "California Sound" of the 1960s. Terraplane Sun is comprised of Ben Rothbard (vocals, harmonica and guitar), Johnny Zambetti (lead guitar and mandolin), Cecil Campanaro (bass), Lyle Riddle (drums )and Gabe Feenberg (piano, accordion, and trombone). In addition to performing on bills with such artists as The White Buffalo, The Alabama Shakes and Nikka Costa, the band is about to commence recording a 6-song EP followed by its third full length album. Said EP will include mid-tempo stand out song, "Get Me Golden," which is currently featured in Citibank's national TV ad campaign and in upcoming Columbia Pictures feature film, 21 Jump Street.

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