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Territoriya biography

The russian group Territory was formed in 2003, it is considered to be on January, 7th when the well-known composer and arranger Andrey Harchenko has offered such name birthday. For that moment into collective entered: Dmitry Maruta (a vocal, arrangement), Alexey Aleksashkin (vocal) and director of collective Sergey Panov (the author of music, texts, the arranger) About a year development of new collective, and only by the end 2006 - to the beginning of 2007 proceeded, the group already has felt finally that firm ground under legs, having written down practically completely a new material for an album. The additional confidence to it was added with a victory over radiocompetition " Get in Dee " popular radio station Dinamit FM in Tallinn, and a plenty of positive responses to new songs both from admirers of collective, and from colleagues on shop, i.e. musicians.

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