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Terveet Kädet are a legendary Finnish hardcore punk band, one of the first in Finland (with Lama, the very first Finn HC band, and fellow high status Finn core legends Kaaos). The group was founded in Tornio in the early 80's. Terveet Kädet should be considered as the Discharge of Finland, as Anti-Cimex can be considered for Sweden. However in contrast to the two other legendary bands of this genre, Terveet Kädet not only managed to outlive both (though of course a lineup of Discharge still tours and plays in 2008), but crucially TK managed to stay true to its artistic self in more ways than the others. Arguably Terveet Kadet's later 'metal period' is in fact much more punk hard core than what most people think. The key is in the drumming and in the vocals. A triviality which is often mentioned is that the band has been a a major influence on bands from Brazil, where people such as Sepultura's/Soulfly's Max Cavalera has mentioned Terveet Kädet as one of his all-time favourite bands, but the influence of TK goes much further than that. The band's line-up has changed several times, and the singer Veli-Matti "Läjä" Äijälä is the only original member left. He is no longer working as a librarian as is often assumed (he did so 10 years ago, for a shorter period) The name "Terveet Kädet" means "Healthy Hands". Current Line-Up Veli-Matti "Läjä" Äijälä - Vocals, lyrics Maike Valanne - Guitar, compositions Puksu - Bass Luttinen - Drums The official website http://www.terveetkadet.tk

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