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Tester biography

Tester AKA Soundboy Assassinator, created Trilogy Sound alongside Sinista and the legendary Hazeus. Running the jungle Sound following the format of a reggae soundstation, Tester offers exclusive all dubplate sets featuring top notch VIP remixes and dubplate specials voiced exclusively for Trilogy Sound from artists from all over the world including NYC, Atlanta, Miami, UK, Canada, Switzerland and Jamaica. Tester began producing in 1998 with a high regard to his passion for both reggae and jungle music. His distinctive brand of ragga jungle murderation has been a favorite amongst DJs, producers and listeners alike. Boasting releases on labels such as Tuff Gang International, Top Ranking and Jungle Royale, as well as Tester's own imprint, Soundtest Records, which debut release "The Lion" has sold out across the globe. Tester has over 20 tunes released to date and has produced well over 100 original dubplates and VIP remixes. Every event is sure to feature a debut tune or exclusive dubplate made especially for the event. Tester has toured extensively across North America and Europe bringing his distinctive ragga jungle sound to devistate any dancefloor he plays for. Tester's performances are high energy and feature only tunes produced by himself and voiced dubplates for Trilogy Sound. Tester's sound, with heavy soundclash style influence, pounds the crowd with hard hitting deep bass, mashed up amen breaks and drum n bass styles along with strong culture and soundboy killin' vocals. Tester is sure to showcase enough dubplates to kill any soundboy who test the champion sound, TRILOGY SOUND. In addition to Trilogy Sound, Tester also reps as a member of Murdah One, a reggae Sound, with chapters based in ATL, NYC and Miami, along with Sinista as well.

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