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Thaitanium biography

Thaitanium (Thai: ไทยเทเนี่ยม) is a Thai-American hip hop music group. Among the first of Thai rap artists, the group formed in 2000 by KH - Khanngoen "Kan" Nuanual, P-Cess - Prinya "Way" Intachai, Sunny Day - Nay Myo "Day" Thant. The group has released five albums and has performed for the MTV Asia Awards and was an opening act for 50 Cent. * Khanngoen "Kan" Nuanual a.k.a. KH * Prinya "Way" Intachai a.k.a. P-Cess * Nay Myo "Day" Thant a.k.a. Sunny Day

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