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There are at least nine artists with this name: 1. A death/thrash metal band from the Netherlands 2. A doujin artist from Japan 3. A darkwave group from the United States 4. A black metal band from France 5. A band from Poland later called Trauma 6. A band from Portugal later called ThanatoSchizo 7. A band from Greece later called Nigel Foxxe's Inc. 8. A death metal band from Belgium 9. A thrash metal band from Argentina 10. A goth band from Italy. 1. Thanatos ‘Global Purification’ is the name of the sixth full length album of illustrious name that has been haunting the Underground Metal scene since 1984... After several demo tapes and line-up changes, Thanatos released two classic Thrash/Death Metal albums in the early 1990's via the notorious Shark Records: 'Emerging From The Netherworlds' and 'Realm Of Ecstasy'. The band shared the stage with the likes of Kreator, Sepultura, Death, Napalm Death, Bolt Thrower, Autopsy and Death Angel to name but a few. In 1992 Thanatos split up due to a variety of reasons but was revived in 1999 by founding member Stephan Gebédi featuring a new line-up. The third Thanatos album, 'Angelic Encounters', was released in 2000 via Hammerheart Records. Despite great reviews the band was not really satisfied with this album. Two more personnel changes followed. In 2002 the band recorded four new songs and two cover songs in a small 8-track studio to attract some interest from record companies. Baphomet Records/Red Stream released these recordings as the 'Beyond Terror' Mini CD. In 2003 Thanatos signed a recording deal with Greek label Black Lotus Records, resulting in the release of 'Undead.Unholy.Divine.' in 2004. This album was mastered by Attie Bauw, the man responsible for mixing Judas Priest’s classic ‘Painkiller’ album amongst others. While recording their fifth full-length album ‘Justified Genocide’ in 2006, the band was informed of Black Lotus Records’ bankruptcy. The recording sessions for the album were put on hold and once again the future for Thanatos looked very bleak. At the end of 2006 Stephan formed Hail of Bullets which grew into the monster we all know now. Guitarist Paul also joined the reformed Asphyx and drummer Yuri and bass player Marco joined Melechesh. In the years that followed, all band members were extremely busy with their other bands/projects, but in 2009, a quarter of a century after the band's first incarnation, ‘Justified Genocide' was finally released by Dutch label Deity Down Records. In 2012 Thanatos signed a deal with the mighty Century Media Records to re-release their complete back catalogue and in April 2013 Century Media offered the band a multiple album deal! To coincide with the band’s 30th (!) anniversary in 2014, Thanatos now unleash their 6th full length studio album upon mankind. Produced by the band themselves and mixed and mastered by Dan Swanö, ‘Global Purification’ contains 10 brand new songs which see the band outdoing themselves in terms of power and sheer aggression. Despite the speed and aggression there are enough hooks, memorable riffs and melodies to have these songs cemented in your brain after a few listens. The digipack version of the album contains a re-recording of ,,Dawn of the Dead” which of course was the opening track of the band’s debut album. ‘Global Purification’ combines elements of aggressive Thrash Metal and old school Death Metal and takes you back to the days when Metal was about breaking rules and boundaries instead of creating them… Stephan Gebédi -vocals/guitar Paul Baayens -guitar Marco de Bruin -bass Yuri Rinkel –drums Internet/Social Media: • • • • • Discography: • Emerging From The Netherworlds (1990) • Realm Of Ecstasy (1992) • Angelic Encounters (2000) • Beyond Terror (MCD) (2002) • Undead. Unholy. Divine. (2004) • The Burning of Sodom/And Jesus Wept (7 Inch EP) (2006) • Justified Genocide (2009) • Imperial Anthems: Asphyx vs. Thanatos (7 inch split EP) (2011) • Global Purification (2014) 2. Thanatos is a solo artist who works in the doujin remix CD circles in Japan. 3. Thanatos is a darkwave/electro-acoustic group from the U.S. with several releases on the Projekt label. 4. Thanatos is a Black Metal band from France. 5. Thanatos was a band from Poland but changed their name to Trauma. 6. Thanatos was a band from Portugal and they formed in 1995 releasing 2 demos with the name and then changing it in 1999 to ThanatoSchizo to stand out more. 7. Thanatos was a band from Greece they changed their name after 2 years to Nigel Foxxe's Inc. becuase of the overload on the name. 8. Thanatos is a newly formed death metal band from Belgium. 9. Thanatos is a heavy trash metal band from Argentina 10. Thanatos is a goth/deathrock band from Italy

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