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The Ascetic Junkies are mates - bandmates, housemates, bedmates, and chefmates. The AJ's craft tunes out of silk and wood, water and stone, to create a unique, boy-girl-folk-rock-indie-bluegrass-pop sound just for you. At the core, the band consists of Kali Giaritta (vocals, claps, stomps, other) and Matt Harmon (vocals, guitar, other, other, other). Kali and Matt met through a mutual friend while attending college in Boston and found that they had a mutual interest in music, living in Kenmore Square, and each other. Having both been in failed attempts at rock-band-superstardom in the past, they decided to try making music together; not surprisingly, the first two real AJ's tunes were songs they had written about each other. After taking their name from a group of misfits in a Kerouac novel and testing, nay, jumping into the proverbial water of the Boston scene for a year, our heros decided to move to the Pacific Northwest and take up residency in Portland, Oregon. They quickly assembled a new band, throwing a drummer, a banjo player, and a bassist into the mix, and they just released an entirely self-produced and -recorded full-length album titled One Shoe Over the Cuckoo's Nest. Check them out, go see an energetic live show, and be careful - you may just fall in love with them.

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