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The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination biography

The Don Isaac Ezekiel Combination was formed by three ex-members of Fela Kuti’s 1960s highlife-jazz band, the Koola Lobitos (Don Kemonah -former Amaechi-, Isaac Olasugba and Ezekiel Hart). This extremely accomplished musicians formed the D.I.E. Combination band just at the same time when Fela was beginning to revolutionise the music scene in Lagos, with his new, improved Afro-beat sound. After three singles for Polydor, they left the country looking for work overseas. Isaac and Ezekiel turned up with an album in Italy in 1974 entitled Soul-Rock, on the Ri-Fi label, but they were never again a part of the music scene. In the 70s, in London, Don Kemonah was part of the band Shakatu with Al Anderson (Bob Marley's guitar player) and Remi Kabaka (nigerian percussionist). He also recorded for Island Records with a lot of renown artists.

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