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the GazettE is a visual kei rock band from Japan. They formed in 2002 under the name ガゼット, though later changed the name to the Gazette in 2006. Members: Vocalist : ルキ [[artist]Ma'die Kusse [drummer] -> L'ie:Chris [drummer] -> Kar+te=zyAnose [vocalist] -> the GazettE] Guitarist : 麗 [[artist]Ma'die kusse -> L'ie:Chris -> kar+te=zyAnose -> the GazettE] Guitarist : 葵 [[artist]Melville -> Artia -> the GazettE] Bassist : れいた [[artist]Ma'die Kusse -> L'ie:Chris -> Kar+te=zyAnose -> the GazettE] Drummer : 戒 [[artist]Mareydi†Creia’ -> La'deathopiA -> the GazettE] They were recognized for their 1st single, "別れ道" (Wakaremichi), released in April 2002 and held their first live March 10th of that year. the GazettE was originally signed with the Matina label, but in March 2003, they switched over to the PS COMPANY label, right after replacing their original drummer ユネ (Yune) with their current one, 戒 (Kai) ex-drummer of Mareydi†Creia’. Since 2006 they have a European label contract with CLJ Records. In 2010 they signed in USA to Maru Music. the GazettE has released 7 studio albums, "DISORDER" (2004), "NIL" (2006), "STACKED RUBBISH" (2007), "DIM" (2009), "TOXIC" (2011), "DIVISION" (2012), and "BEAUTIFUL DEFORMITY" (2013), 6 Mini-Albums and 17 singles. Official website: MySpace:

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