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There are several artists performing as The House of Usher: 1) The House of Usher is a gothic rock band from Germany. 2) The House of Usher was a German techno act. 3) House of Usher was a Swedish death metal band. 4) House of Usher is a symphonic progressive rock band from Detroit. 1) The House of Usher is often referred to as the “last" Goth rock band from Germany, the same country that unleashed doomsayers Xmal Deutschland in the ‘80s. Formed in 1990 by Jorg Kleuden (vocals), Markus Pick (guitar), Ray Nottinger (bass), and Victor Constrictor (guitar, keyboards) as Tales of Despair 1919-1925, the group changed their name to the House of Usher as a tribute to horror author Edgar Allan Poe. The band's literary appetite doesn't end with their name; Kleuden likes to write short stories for each album. As with compatriots Xmal Deutschland – who were no longer together when the House of Usher debuted, thus cementing their status as Germany's final word on Goth – dark English acts like the Mission U.K. and Joy Division were key influences. The House of Usher's first release, Dance Hall Days Dawn Kissed, was only available on cassette. After issuing more tapes and an EP called Relic in 1993, the House of Usher's initial LP Stars Fall Down appeared in 1995. Originally signed to Nyctalopia, the group ended up on Celtic Circle Productions. They also participated in the publication of the magazine and CD compilation GOTHIC. In year 1996 band release album Zephyre, in 1998 album Black Sunday Chronology and in 1999 album Cosmogenesis. Despite a few line-up changes, Kleuden remained with the House of Usher, recording Inferno/l'enfer in 2002. In year 2005 band released album Radio Cornwall. Now band working in studio for new album Angst. Band homepage:

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