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The Mad Capsule Markets began as a post-punk rock group, slowly evolving into a band that combined heavy guitars with hard programmed beats, as well as many experimental electronic elements, reggae, and pop-influenced punk. The Mad Capsule Markets released albums from 1990 to 2005 and recorded over 12 records. Their earlier lyrical content had Marxist/working-class influences, with lyrical themes becoming more and more political with later releases. There earlyier work, mainly punk influenced but quickly began to incorporate different influences in their music (In the begining, influenced by acts like KILLING JOKE, Aburadako, and YMO).the band became more directly influenced by the Digital Hardcore movement when Alec Empire (Atari Teenage Riot) remixed two songs from the Digidogheadlock era. From there, they started to use more electronic/breakbeat/industrial elements in their songs. As of March 31st 2006, the band announced they are taking time off from working together so that they can pursue their own personal projects. Kyono is DJ'ing around Japan and getting his clothing line together along with his band Wagdug Futuristic Unity, Motokatsu is drumming for a band called Rally and Takeshi is working with his new band AA=

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