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There are various artists that go by the name of The Sun. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1.) The Sun (USA) is a indie rock band from Columbus, OH. They released their first full-length album “Blame It on the Youth” in June 7, 2005 on DVD. Every song has a music video. The disc also has WAV files on it for listening without viewing the videos. While it claims to be the first DVD album, it is not a new idea. There were a few albums in the 1980s that had a video cassette release in the same vein. The band gained Internet exposure through their music video for the song “Romantic Death,” which featured footage (from Beautiful Agony) of people’s faces while having orgasms. Band members: Chris Burney (vocals, guitar), Sam Brown (drums), Bryan Arendt (guitar), Brad Forsblom (bass, backing vocals) and Brad Caulkins (keyboard, guitar, backing vocals). their myspace: their website: ————— 2) THE SUN (Russian Federation) is a young pop-punk band from Moscow. The band had its springs in 2005. It had a lot of performances in Moscow clubs. In 2007 the band recorded its first EP "It is your time to live" which consisted of 7 songs(one of them in English). The breakthrough in their activity was their participation in a TV program like American “Pop-Idol” called “Become a superstar with STS 1 & 2” ("СТС зажигает суперзвезду 1 и 2") on one of the central TV channels in 2007 and 2008. Now their music can be permanently heard in a very popular serial "Ranetki". Band members: Nika Kosenkova (vocals, lyrics, music); Alexandr Mishustov (guitar, lyrics, music); Yuriy Kudashov (bass-guitar); Grigoriy Dvoskin (drums), Marina Myrza (keyboard, back vocals). Influences: Fall Out Boy, Blink 182, Sum 41, Story of the Year, Tarakany!, Elysium, 30.02 and others Their myspace: Their official community: 3.) The Sun (Japan) is a hardcore punk band that mix elements of new wave and electro punk in their sound. Featuring ex-members of Black Film Dance, The Carnival Of Dark-Split, and Envy. Their discography till now consist in a ep called “Pop Silence ‘02” released in 2002, a split with discotortion called “VIVA LA REVOLUTION” released in 2004, a full length album called “Twist, Swingin’ & Percussion Instrument” and a mini-album called “Q” released in 2007. their myspace: their website: ————— 4.) A Danish rock band used to be called “The Sun”, and released an album in 2003 named “Magnetic Rush”. After some trouble with an Ohio band also called “The Sun”, who claimed to own the right to use the name, the Danish band changed name to “The Amaranths”, and their next album was released with this name. ————— 5.) The Sun were also a Thai classic rock band, which is now known as SMF (Stone Metal Fire) with a new lineup.

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