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There are 2 artists/bands named Theme: 1. An instrumental trio from Poland, France and the UK. 2. A rapper from the UK. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 1. Theme is a band based in Krakow (Poland), Leicester (U.K.), and Paris (France). It began life when (the recently reactivated) Splintered, the members' previous band, reached a standstill around the end of 1997, following a short European tour partly designed to promote the fifth and what at the time was deemed their last album (an eponymous collaboration with Germany's RLW). The debut album by Theme finally appeared in 2000, titled On Parallel Shores Removed. At the time, and until 2006, Theme was a trio comprising Stuart Carter, Hassni Malik, and Richard Johnson. However, following the release of the second album, Our Angels Dislocated, in mid-2006, Malik left the band to focus on his involvement with Brighton collective, The Vitamin B12, some solo endeavours, and his paintings. In May 2007, Jeanne Boyer then replaced Malik as a (part-time) member, helping with both live and recorded work. The music Theme plays utilises a blend of real (often stringed or eastern) instruments, field recordings and found sounds in a digital environment. All of the instruments which can be heard are real and, likewise, nearly all other sounds are generated by Theme themselves, or occasional collaborators. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 2. UK Rapper: The London emcee has become of the UK’s most respected lyricists since releasing his High Fidelity and 144,000 mixtapes, his work with Triple Darkness and live appearances at the renowned End of the Weak events and opening for artists such as Styles -P, Immortal Technique and Wu Tang His reputation for conscientious rhymes and intelligent wordplay has resulted in an ever growing fanbase in the UK and overseas, striking a chord with those who appreciate the “Golden Era" of hip hop.

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