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There are currently (5) artists using the name "Theory" (1) Hip-Hop artist from Boston, MA. Part of Merk Productions. (2010-current) (2) UK based Drum'n'bass (Jungle) producer (2005 - current) (3) Hip-Hop artist from Yonkers,New York, USA (1998 - current) (4) Hip-Hop/Folk/other solo artist from Brighton, UK (1994 - Current) Now "Theory 77". (5) Hybrid Rock/Metal band from New Jersey, USA (2000 - 2003) (1) Alex "Theory" Clyatt was born in Maine and moved to Boston to persure his passion for cooking and rapping and rapping while cooking. Theory is part of the Merk Productions collaborative, which consists of himself, Billy Quatro (Production, Mixing, Mastering), Class D (Artist), Flip Flop (Production, Management) Jailbreak (Artist) & Fizzy (Art, Video). Theory put out his debut mixtape, "Life In Theory" in 2011 with Merk. Download "L.I.T." here: Theory is currently working on finishing "Arachnid Kids" the collab with Jailbreak, coming out this spring, and his debut album "Dead Kids" coming out this summer. Find more from Merk and Theory at: (2) Discography: Official Homepage: MySpace: (3) Theory (born Kendall Williams) is also known as “Mirrorchild” or “Capital T.” Is an American, rapper, singer and songwriter. He is a founding member of the group “NU UNIFIED”, who’s members include, “Scel Dinero (aka Casket D)”, “LoGic”, “Gene$!$”, “Body Bag”, “Iron Lung” and the late “J-Black”. Theory absorbed the elements of hip-hop by writing poetry and listening to his earlier inspirations, which were “NaS” and “Jay-Z”. Theory delved into the 2001 Source Magazine Unsigned Hype Tour, that sent him to record his first studio album “Theory Is Everything - Plan: B”. He has since released various street projects including his criticly acclaimed studio mixtape “Bloodstains On A Microphone”. He is currently finalizing the mixtape “The Poughkeepsie Tape: Memoirs of Kendall Darnell” (release May 2nd, 2008) soon to be followed by his sophomore studio album “Birth Of A Legend “ (4) Theory - Brighton, UK. Turntablist/battle DJ, Producer and MC/poet based in Brighton, East Sussex. Famously described by Sir John Peel as “Astonishing”, Theory 77’s musical style is inspired by lo-fi Folk, Delta Blues, ‘60’s Pysch and the original elements of old school hiphop. In 2009, after working under the name "Theory" since 1994, it was decided that a change in name was necessary due to the amount of other artists working under the same alias. Now known as Theory 77 Label page: No Frills Records (5) New Jersey's Theory began as a basement band by brothers John and Mike Foxworthy (Guitars and Drums respectively), who soon realized their potential as they began playing live. Theory recorded several live tracks, but never made it to the studio to produce an album; however, the live tracks have made their way to the ears of fans across the globe. In 2003 their different interests in the music business drove them to become magazine publishers, publicists and A&R reps. To this day, the music of Theory stands strong as an example of great hybrid metal.

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