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Tipe biography

Tipe-X was formed in September 1995 in Jakarta, Indonesia the groups using 'Headmaster' as their band name, but they eventually chose the name 'Tipe-X' to make it easy for people to remember. This group members are ; -Tresno (vocal), -Micky (Bass), -Yoss (Guitar), -Billy (Guitar), -Hendro (Drum), -Andi (Brass section). They played the original song from outside groups such as Voodoo Glow Skulls, Operation Ivy & The Mighty Mighty Bosstones, but eventually they replace the present with songs of their own creation. They had become one of the top favorites in the Alternative Music Festival Menteng 1995. They finally made some demo songs, and Tipe-X initiative to send a demo song `Frustasi` to the 'Ekspresi Indosiar'. They also send a demo track 'Bebas Pusing' to 'IndieLapan Prambors' radio and entering the 5th round. After that they became more popular. When their song creation they have recorded about 10 songs, Tipe-X also start trying to place their demo songs to major labels. They want to offer a draft version of 'SKA tipe-X version' plan and if not received, they will lead the way to Indie Label. Luckily, it's finally entering the recording industry at the beginning of the end of '90. Albums : -Skaphobia 1999, -They do not ever Understanding in 2001, -Super Suprise 2003, -Discography Hitam Putih 2005, -Album the best A journey in 2007.

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