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T'nez biography

Born Tristan Barnes from Burn Savannah in Westmoreland, T'Nez has come a long way from his rural roots to pursue his dream. A final-year tourism management student at the University of the West Indies, through persistence, T'Nez has landed himself a dream role as the first artiste signed to the rising Chimney Records, managed by producers Jordan McClure and David 'Hizzle' Hayle. In a recent interview with THE STAR, he discussed his love for music saying, "Mi recognise the talent from a tender age, I was always singing Celine Dion songs and people around me would encourage me to sing. It was UWI really that bring T'Nez to entertainment and tried to make the links into the business." Through hosting parties on campus, T'Nez began making links with some big names including Big Ship artistes Chino, Laden and Bramma, the latter of whom would later put him on to McClure. It was Chimney's popular 'Movie Star' rhythm that attracted the singjay to the production team. After making two months worth of calls and sending demos, McClure realised the youngster's talent and brought him under his wing. "He (McClure) gave me a listen and was impressed, he liked my vocal range and content and soon I had a single with Chimney called What's Up Money. They blasted the song and it got a lot of airplay. It feels really good to be working with them, they get like 25 demos a day and I was chosen, so I feel lucky" T'Nez explained. The youngster soon followed up with his second single, the powerful Turn Mi Life Around, and he has since worked with producers Birch, Russian from Headconcussion Music and is looking forward to work with Stephen 'Di Genius' McGregor. He also has an upcoming single on Chimney's next rhythm as well as the single Sad Mistake. While his music career is going well, T'Nez has no plans to give up on school saying, "I know it's going to be hectic, but I just have to extend my energy and stay focused so that I can bring home that degree to mommy. I'm not really a 9-5 person, music is my career and passion. I give myself the next three years to be the next biggest household name in dancehall."

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