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Can you remember the last time you were blown away by a performance? Can you remember a time when the goal of a band was to entertain and to make the audience laugh and have fun? Can you remember when music was about remarkable skill and catchy lyrics? Allow us to introduce you to …to tell. tell is the musical journey of the young talent Zach Havens as his striking music and live shows send tremors through airwaves and speakers everywhere. Classically trained as a pianist, Zach has taken the great accomplishments and awards that he has experienced throughout his teens and turned towards a new chapter in his life. His music, played on several radio stations throughout Canada, has been inspired by several years of playing in bands, and continues to push the envelope of his own unique piano-driven pop/rock. Inspired by acts such as Emery, The Rocket Summer, Ben Folds, and a host of others, this solo performer focuses on exhibiting an amazing, upbeat, entertaining show. By combining his irresistibly toe-tapping songs with his virtuosic piano ability, …to tell is all about having fun and making a difference to those who hear his music.

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