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There are several bands with the name TOKIO. 1) TOKIO (Japan) is a popular band which is part of the Japanese idol company Johnny's Entertainment. The group is made up of the leader Joshima Shigeru (guitar), Yamaguchi Tatsuya (bass), Kokubun Taichi (keyboards), Matsuoka Masahiro (drums) and Nagase Tomoya (vocals/guitar). In 2004 they celebrated their 10th anniversary with the release of the cover album "TOK10". Besides their music careers, the members of Tokio also can be seen in movies, TV dramas and variety shows. In the start of March 2008 Tatchan (Yamaguchi Tatsuya) announced his marriage to a former model (named only as A-san) and that he is gonna become a father in the summer. Tatchan is the first of Tokio to tie the knot, but it is rumored that Mabo's (Matsuoka Masahiro) relations with the idol Nakagawa Shoko is getting serious too as they are said to have moved together. who wants to listen separately japaese band, you can use tag --> TOKIO 2) TOKIO (Denmark) started their humble career in the autumn of 2005 in a crummy rehearsal studio in Aarhus, Denmark. They shared a common love for elektro and synthpop and a desire to conquer the whole world with cool, energetic music! They played their first nervous concert in January 2006 and despite minor mistakes came out triumphant. More concerts soon followed, and by April that year TOKIO landed a deal with newly founded booking agency Strange Ears. This led to a bunch of new concerts and TOKIO played and partied at practically every stage, club, venue, plaza, party or pub in and around the home town of Aarhus. By September half the band relocated to Copenhagen, but rather than slow down things, it speeded them up. In 2007 TOKIO is working hard to get a foot hold in Copenhagen and generally improve their style and skills. They will be touring extensively in all of Denmark and possibly Germany as well. 3) There is a third similarly named Russian band; however, their name is Токiо or Токио.

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