T+pazolite top 20 songs


T+pazolite biography

t+pazolite is a prolific composer/arranger/remixer who publishes music albums via his own circle C.H.S (Cutie & Headshaking Sounds). Born in 1985, he started being active while in his late teens (2004) and has released seven albums to this day, not to mention dozens of collaborations with other circles. t+pazolite started collaborating with リズナ back when she used her second name. His denpa compositions usually feature her voice, but lately he has worked with Holic Service and ゆきまめ. His style is mostly Hardcore as well as House, Trance and Techno, but he has admitted a strong affinity to denpa. In reality, this is most likely what sets his compositions apart, because they are very unpredictable and memorable (prime qualities of a denpa song). While he is certainly known for his Touhou arranges, he has also covered Klonoa and Espgaluda tracks. Lately he has teamed up with the notorious Sapporo Hardcore Channel (S.H.C) and formed the side-label CHSHC on which he released the "108 Sketches" series. He has also created another side label by joining forces with あゆ (IOSYS) and Coda (Antp \ COOL&CREATE). The project is called A+C+T (from Ayu + Coda + t+pazolite). Up to this moment, they have released 3 albums under name A+C+T. A recent pseudonym of his includes Edamame. Former pseudonyms, many of which are no longer in use as of late 2006 include AAA+β, Logical traXX, Raspberryz, infinity Lovewn☆, tpa:pbr (tripleA+better), DJ Pixie, and 最速(アルティメットスピード) (Ultimate Speed). Many of these were used for the creation of BMS projects. Former acts/collaborations/one-shots included tpangenteli (t+pazolite with orangentle feat. Jeli), elmolite (t+pazolite with L-more), and tNT (t+pazolite, Nami_Vindalfr, Thanatos) held at event OTAKU-TECHNO "tNT".

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