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Tribute biography

There are 3 bands with the name Tribute. 1. The first band with this name was Progressive Rock band from Sweden, founded 1982 by Gideon Andersson and Josef Rhedin. Well known through a lot of live gigs on different festivals. The orchestral formation released 3 studio albums between 1984 and 1991 and one live album in 1990. Gong's Pierre Moerlen featured on their first two albums. the stil got a little bit of Mike Oldfield und Piere Moerlen's Gong. But it's also Symponic Rock. 2. Tribute is a Burlington-based band that covers classic rock songs. 3. Tribute were a Hardcore Punk band who were a part of the mid 90's UK Emo scene along side bands such as Bob Tilton, Baby Harp Seal and Schema. They released two 7" singles (1995's Names In Concrete and 1996's Torch Songs), a split 7" with the UK band Beacon and appeared on 3 compilations (94's Autotomy 7", 95's How We Rock Flexi 7" and 97's A Means To An End 12"). 4. Tribute is synthpop/futurepop band

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