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Trooper is one of two artists: 1. A Canadian rock band formed in Vancouver, BC in 1975. 2. A Romanian heavy metal band. [[b]Romanian Heavy Metal Band Trooper is a Romanian heavy metal band formed in 1995 in Targoviste , Romania . Free downloads of their entire discography are available at The Romanian band started on 25 October, 1995 in Târgovişte, Romania. Current lineup includes: Ionuţ "Oscar" Rădulescu (bass), Ionuţ "John" Covalciuc (drums) , Alin "Coiot" Dincă (vocals), Laurenţiu Popa (guitar), and Aurelian "Balaur" Dincă (guitar). They opened up for many great artists : Iron Maiden,Nazareth, The Rasmus, Blind Guardian, Sepultura , Manowar They have released 4 albums by now , the last one , Rock N'Roll Pozitiv , being awarded the best Romanian heavy metal album of 2008 by , the band winning the award for best Romanian band . Discography for Trooper: 1997 - Troopers demo 2001 - Trooper 2001 2002 - Trooper E.P. 2002 - Trooper I L.P. 2004 - Trooper E.P. 2005 - Desant L.P. 2006 - Gloria - Tribut pentru Iris 2006 - Electric 2007 - Amintiri 12 ani - box-set 2008 - Rock 'n' roll pozitiv 2009 - Vlad tepes Poemele Valahiei They also will soon release a new project album about Vlad The Impaler, called Vlad Tepes: Poemele Valahiei . b]Canadian Rock Band Trooper was formed by Ra McGuire and Brian Smith. Over the band's career they have released ten albums. 1975 Trooper 1976 Two for the Show 1977 Knock 'Em Dead Kid 1978 Thick as Thieves 1979 Hot Shots 1979 Flying Colors 1980 Untitled 1982 Money Talks 1989 The Last of the Gypsies 1991 Ten Music clips (samples) and bandmember bios are available on the official website:

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