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There are at least 13 bands using the name Tundra. 1) Tundra (as Morgan Packard) from Canada, drum'n'bass. 2) Tundra from Canada. Hardcore/Gabber/ Breakcore. 3) Tundra from Italy. Black metal. FKA Afterglow. 4) Tundra from UK. English Folk band from 1970-80's 5) Tundra from Canada. Progressive House, Leftfield, Techno, Ambient. 6) Tundra from Denmark AKA Sure Miner. Danish Pop/western/country/folk. 7) Tundra from Brighton in UK. Post-rock. AKA Tom de Grunwald 8) Tundra from Norway. Black Metal / Progressive Rock. 9) Tundra from The Netherlands. Deephouse / Techno 10) Tundra from Finland. Finnish hip-hop group. 11) Tundra from HIGHLAND, IL Acoustamatic folk 12) Tundra from Poland. Electroacoustic. 13) Tundra from Australia, Brisbane. Indie rock. MORE INFORMATION BELOW 1) Tundra (as Morgan Packard), Canada, drum'n'bass. C-Space (ASC Remix) / Sprouts (12") Macrofun 1 (10") Off The Market / Sprouts (Omni Trio Remix) (12") 2) Tundra from Canada. Hardcore/Gabber/Breakcore. Also records as Contra, Nervous, Luminol, the Druids etc. and has released on labels such as D-Trash, Contra Recordings, God Rekidz Plasmacore (CD-R) 2002 Aquaduct (MP3) 2006 3) Tundra from Italy (not Czech Republic). Black metal. The band was formerly called Afterglow. Their label "Eclipse Productions" has changed their name to "Long Ago Records" to avoid confusion with record labels with similar names. A 3-way split with Written In Torment and Operation Winter Mist is in the works. In Cold Dimness (EP) 2003 Unholy Underground Ritual (Split) 2004 Ansia (Full-length) 2005 Tundra / Inferno (Split) 2006 4) Tundra From UK. Traditional English folk band that recorded three albums in 70-80's: 1978 - A Kentish Garland, 1980 - The Kentish Songster, 1981 - Songs From Greenwich 5) Tundra from Canada. Progressive House, Leftfield, Techno, Ambient 'Nostalgia', 2006 6) Tundra from Denmark (see Sure Miner: http://www.last.fm/music/Sure+Miner ). Pop/western/country/folk in Danish. 7) Tundra from Brighton in UK Satellites EP (2004). Post-Folk, Land Music. AKA Tom de Grunwald www.tundra.uk.com 8) Tundra from Norway "Pure Sarcastic Funeral Terror" (demo) 1997 "ArmaGednje" (demo) 1997 9) Tundra from The Netherlands "Rivulet EP" - Manual Music 2007 "Three Is A Crowd Ep" - Manual Music 2008 For more information please check : www.myspace.com/tundravisions 10) Tundra from Finland: Finnish Hip-Hop group with rappers called Asa, Davo-Ukki and Laineen Kasperi.

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