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Tutto Matto is an Italian electronic disco-funk duo created by DJs and Producers Jurij Prette and Paolo Guglielmino. They started making music together when Jurij Prette walked into Paolo Guglielmino's house to find a shelf-bending collection of around 20,000 records, running from rare groove to Afro-disco to obscure exotica and missing out very little in between. "Everything from Blackjazz Records to Casablanca," Jurij enthuses. "I learnt so much about black music, funk, jazz, boogaloo... And from there I started to explore new music from record dealers in London and New York.” Journalist, producer and DJ, Paolo is a DMC mixing championships alumnus whose earliest spinning experiences came from cruise ship residencies around the Med. When he opened up his huge vinyl library for sampling, Tutto Matto took their first steps into music production, initially releasing for esteemed Italian imprints like Irma Records. "But after a few years of producing, you realize that sampling gets a bit limiting," Jurij adds, "as you become more aware of what music really is and what the people you've sampled have done to get there." So after relocating to London in the late '90s, Tutto Matto increasingly concentrated on creating tracks from scratch, and driven by the fresh approach and sizzling energy of their new productions, the pair quickly came to the attention of Tim 'Love' Lee's Tummy Touch label, where a shared appreciation of party classics, fried fun and hedonism led to a working relationship. Four 12"s and Tutto Matto's debut album, "Funkulo", followed, and two years later, album two, "Hot Spot". The boys have spent the last few year writing and producing a multitude of successful projects in france and the uk and are now back in the studio working on their 3rd studio LP "Brand new destination" out this coming spring 2008.

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