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Question: You’re in an up and coming band… Having spent the previous three years gigging around the clubs and theatres of the UK and mainland Europe, you’re offered the chance to open for one of the world’s biggest bands at the start of their European Tour. After three sell out shows and a warm reception at each, what’s your next move? Well, if you’re TV21, you split up. Backstage at Edinburgh Playhouse and three nights into the Rolling Stones European Tour, TV21 chose to break up… 24 years ago, in May 1982. Formed in 1979 and having released a string singles and one album, “A Thin Red Line,” the band had grown frustrated at their inability to break through to the next level and decided to quit while they were ahead. And that was the end of that, until last October, when out of the blue, they agreed to perform as part of the John Peel Day gigs organised around the country to mark the anniversary of the DJ’s death. Peel had been a huge influence on the band and it seemed entirely appropriate to get together for the event. The gig, at Edinburgh’s Citrus Club, was an unqualified success, if a little rough at the edges, though that was hardly surprising after twenty three years, the introduction of a new drummer and only two rehearsals! Most surprising for the three original band members was simply how much they enjoyed playing again. So, now they’re back – for fun and as long as it stays that way.

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