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Twigs biography

There are at least five artists under the name Twigs: (1) Twigs is a female British electro-pop artist now known as FKA twigs. (2) Twigs are an alternative/indie rock band from Bergen, Norway. They released the "Beast" mini'cd in 1996, the "No More 24" cd in 1998 and the "Epicure" cd in 2001. Two of the bandmembers went on to form the band My Misspent Youth. (3) Twigs are a "gypsy-folk" band based out of Brooklyn, NY in the United States. (4) The Twigs are twin sisters, Laura Good & Linda Good, originally from Chicago, IL who have been performing as The Twigs since the mid-90's. Their CD releases are "Bring Me The Head of Eternity" (1996), "The Universe Tonight"(2001), "You Say Ah"(2005) and "Jump Right In" (2013). They own the U.S. trademark to the name "The Twigs". (5) Twigs are a Lo-Fi/Folk band from Ghent, Belgium. They became active in the year 2013.

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