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TWINKRANES Twinkranes specialise in coded psychedelia and zone out progressive pop music. In November 2009 the Dublin based electronic outfit released their debut long player – “Spektrumtheatresnakes” to critical acclaim. The LP melds the worlds of motor driven kraut, space rock, psychedelia, drone and avant pop. ABOUT SPEKTRUMTHEATRESNAKES “… a fantastically unhinged mix of speeded-up krautrock rhythms, dirty drones and wonky synthesizers, which is at once weird and danceable and very pop.” 9/10 NME “After four stabs of organ, High Tekk Train Wreck sprints away from the lights with a squeal of wheelspin, its *motorik soundling like a customised and tuned Ford Focus on a suburban *estate rather than a sedately cruising BMW on the autobahns.” 4/5 THE GUARDIAN “Twinkranes have commendably taken it upon themselves to filter Krautrock’s weighty influences through the sensuous prism of pop and dance music.” 4/5 RECORD COLLECTOR “Their debut album is primetime psych rock lunacy, a heart stopping barrage of frenzied krautrock rhythums, extraterrestrial synth strops, technicolored guitars and monster monster grooves.” 4/5 THE IRISH TIMES For those of you that like your music to be intense and cerebral, you’ll love Spektrumtheatresnakes. Despite the multitude of influences, it is a truly unique album, and timeless too. This could’ve been recorded at any point in the last 40 years and it would still sound contemporary, yet futuristic. An exciting and intriguing debut. SUPERSWEET.ORG

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