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Twisted Method was an American nu metal band from Cape Coral, Florida. Formed in 1998, the band released one full-length studio album in 2003 and disbanded in 2005 after their guitarist, Andrew Howard, was found dead. Twisted Method was founded in 1998 after its band members met each other at Mariner High School. The band signed a five-year, $5.5 million contract with MCA Records in 2002, the label issuing the band's debut album 'Escape from Cape Coma' in July of the following year, the title a sarcastic reference to their home town. Band members described their home town as a place where "old people retire" such that "it's like the walking dead". Geffen Records, who had recently been acquired by MCA Records, bought the band a spot on the second stage of the 2003 Ozzfest tour. Despite being in contract limbo for quite a while, things were looking up when Geffen indicated they would finance a second album, even putting them on tour with Dope twice in 2004 and recording demos in June with Edsel Dope. They toured with Dope and Motograter in 2004 as part of the American Apathy tour. In July 2005, Twisted Method went on an "indefinite hiatus" after guitarist Andrew Howard and drummer Ben Goins had quit the band. Howard left because he wanted to be with his family after becoming a father, and Goins "left the band for God". Andrew Howard was found dead on Friday afternoon of September 16, 2005. He was only 23 years old. Over four years after his passing, his death still remains unsolved. Remaining Twisted Method members, Derrick Tribbett and Derek DeSantis formed a new metal group named MakeShift Romeo. Aside from Makeshift Romeo, vocalist Derrick "Tripp" Tribbett is filling in on bass for Dope, and bassist Derek DeSantis has joined the band EkoTren, who is currently on tour with Ill Nino. Tribbett also recorded solo material under the name Sinister and collaborated with John Rich.

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