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Twisted ReAction (a.k.a. Edvin Alperavitch) is from Lithuania and actually living at Israel since ten years ago. He has been into music since he was really young and at the age of twelve he got introduced in the electronic scene. Edvin has been always experimenting with the music production at his early ages and at the age of eighteen, he built his own professional studio. Since then, he has been working hard and finally the Twisted ReAction project born. The styles of full-on his making are both morning and night time. He has already released many tracks on different labels and has also released his debut album "Action" on Geomagnetic Records. His 2nd album "Androids Never Dream" has been released in July 2007 on Medusa Records in Greece/Brazil.... Edvin also works on a side project called Analog Child, as its a fullon morning project and has first single out on Sundance Rec. Twisted ReAction also collaborated with Dr.Spook (a.k.a. Mindstorm) and had an interview on x-mode special edition DVD in Japan featuring GMS, X-Wave and many more.

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