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Uberbyte biography

UK sturm and drang stompers UBERBYTE rose from the ashes of the controversial industrial rock outfit Killing Miranda in late 2006. Newly rechristened with the enigmatic moniker "Uberman", KM's former vocalist quickly took Uberbyte to the stage, providing support to such heavy hitters as Hocico, The Cruxshadows, Panzer AG, KiEw, Die Krupps, XP8, and Faderhead, becoming an almost overnight sensation in the flourishing, revitalized UK electro scene. An appearance on the distinguished 2007 four-disc compilation ENDZEIT BUNKERTRACKS III for the club hit "Total War" pushed Uberbyte even further into the spotlight, with their fanbase dramatically increasing due to their energetic live performances (which have already taken them as far as Mexico), remixes for the likes of Leatherstrip, XP8, and Aesthetic Perfection , and grassroots local and international support. Wasting no time, UBERBYTE will be releasing their debut CD SIC on the U.S. label CRUNCH POD, home of electro upstarts such as CERVELLO ELETTRONICO, MANUFACTURA, C/A/T, and CAUSTIC. SIC's lean programming and infectious hooks keep one foot grounded in electro's dance heyday of CUBANATE, LEATHER STRIP, and early :WUMPSCUT: while maintaining a keen eye on the future with influences such as GRENDEL and HOCICO. While comparisons can be made to today's current electro/techno fusions, none sound exactly like Uberbyte, and that demonstrates why they are on the rise. SIC is a head welding relentless rhythmic assault that will get stuck in your head for days to come. People of the world, STAND UP FOR UBERBYTE!

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