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Ucast biography

Alex Tsygankov known as dj UCast started playing music in 2006. And at that very time he had just a taste of writing music. Several months later his first track - Through Depth – was released via one of the Russian record labels - 4 Seasons. Full Access (Belgium), Bitter Sweet (Holland), Only One Records (Spain) and Sundesire Records, Tranceport, 4 Seasons (Russia) are among the record labels via which his tracks have been already released. Such glittering stars of the modern trance stage as Tiesto, Aly & Fila, Ronski Speed gave their approval to his creative work. UCast is a participant of the project Belarus in the Mix ..Hours.Fm and works in close cooperation with such Belarusian djs and producers as PooNyk & Oxide, AIR-T, IKOS. Now Alex has got many plans for the future. The most important thing for him is to achieve his own goals. In the Belarusian music world only now trance music is gaining popularity. Strikingly, if one wants to come to the top in his own country, he should make himself a name abroad. And there he receives almost unanimous praise from the public, he gets noticed in his native country. No wonder that in Belarus djs are known better than even musicians.

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