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Barely sixteen, Udgata Anagh was an obvious child prodigy. Besides his talent with gadgets and computers, he was becoming a whiz kid for a genre quite uncommon for his age. Year 2007 began with him producing music – lots of it, some of which was for movies and documentaries produced in different corners of the world. Within a few months, many of his experiments became passé for his emerging interest, and he knew Electronic Dance Music was what he was after. Although production was his main act, his DJing talent simultaneously won him many competitions and year 2008 brought him several gigs, besides invitations from countless radio channels to play his mixes. Udgata's music has now more or less settled between House and Trance/Progressive. He has stayed away from that 'hard' sound and is making sure the elements from House music are evenly melodious and silvery. By year 2009 Udgata had produced ‘Edea’ which was chosen by Roger Shah aka DJ Shah, landing him with Armada Music under their sub-label, Magic Island. This year has been panning out really well, and his forthcoming EP is ready to release on Shah-Music under the alias – Udgata Anagh pres. Harmonic Surprise. Of course, loads of singles and remixes are underway as usual. Now that he’s paddled the two boats, he wants to continue both together – production and DJing, perhaps focus more on the DJing side since he’s produced so much of late. That said, production will keep on happening besides the books he intends to flip through to finish his degree in London. SINGLES : 1) Udgata Anagh - Edea (Original Mix) [Magic Island/Armada] 2) Udgata Anagh - Mathura (Original Mix) [TBA] 3) Udgata Anagh pres. Harmonic Surprise - Creek (Original Mix) [Shah-Music] 4) Udgata Anagh pres. Harmonic Surprise - Beyond The Shores (Original Mix) [Shah-Music] REMIXES : 1) Decibel Brothers - Extra Terrestrial Beings (Udgata Anagh Remix) [Audio Planet Recordings] 2) Dirty Politics - Call of the Wild (Udgata Anagh Remix) [Audio Planet Recordings] 3) Mr. Moreira feat Jamila B. - Gamers Love (Udgata Anagh Remix) [Audio Planet Recordings] 4) Neologic - New Years Day (Udgata Anagh Remix) [Audio Planet Recordings] 5) Setrise - Priori (Udgata Anagh Remix) [Massive Drive Recordings] 6) Dead Wasps - Don't You Know (Udgata Anagh Remix) [Audio Planet Recordings] BACKGROUND SCORES FOR MOVIES : 1) Thought (2008) 2) Thought Over (2009)

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