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Udo Jürgens (born 30 September 1934 in Klagenfurt, Austria, died on 21 December 2014 in Münsterlingen, Switzerland), was a composer and singer of popular music who, although he has been very successful for more than four decades, is little known outside the German-speaking world, almost all of his successful lyrics have been written and performed in German. In 2000, Juergens celebrated his 66th birthday, proving that the title of his 1977 song Mit 66 Jahren (Mit 66 Jahren, da faengt das Leben an — At 66, that's when life begins) also holds true for himself. Until shortly before his death Udo Juergens was still touring and regularly appeared on television, both in shows and in made-for-TV films. He usually attracted large crowds covering all age groups. (Source: Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

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