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Ugly biography

U.G.L.Y. is the acronym being used as the bands name (as featured in the trailer for the upcoming video and in description on the official Facebook page). Official artist name will be known once they start heavily promoting the band and once CBE (Culture Beyond Experience) will have an official artist page for their signed artists. U.G.L.Y., acronym for Under Greatness Lies You, are a Los Angeles musical collective. Band members are Mijo, Stormi and Braxton. Their debut single is “Redd” and will be featured on their forthcoming EP. Music video for “Redd” was directed by Chris Brown. Stormi hails from Tennessee, where she performed in regional theatre and studied opera and country music. She holds the title of 2009 “Miss Teen USA”, and competed on Season 10 of American Idol. Mijo was born and raised in inner-city Los Angeles where he grew up dancing and singing in a local R&B group. He co-starred in David LaChapelle’s acclaimed 2005 underground dance documentary Rize and went on to tour extensively with Chris Brown. Meanwhile, Braxton’s guitar prowess and punk/reggae roots growing up in Hawaii landed him gigs touring worldwide with everyone from Ashlee Simpson to 30 Seconds to Mars.

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