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Ugress biography

Ugress is an electronica project from Bergen, Norway. The man behind this project is Gisle Martens Meyer. Ugress has released several albums, EPs, singles and remixes, many of them for free download. Latest album Reminiscience was released summer of 2009. The music is frequently licensed to movies, TV shows and commercials. Ugress means weed in Norwegian (weed as in an unwanted plant and not as in the street name for cannabis). Ugress's music can be related to other artists as Crystal Method, Chemical Brothers and Propellerheads. Some similarity to Röyksopp has been suggested, but Ugress is known to have a more "dirty" style. Ugress is also known for using lots of sample snippets from various artists and TV shows. Often Ugress is mistaken for being the name and only project of Gisle Martens Meyer, but Ugress is actually one of several projects by Uncanny Records. Each project spawns its own music style but nevertheless you can recognize the "vibe" that goes through most of the available music. Some of these projects include Nebular Spool, Shadow of the Beat, PixxelTyger, Spokelseskladden and Ninja 9000. Ugress is also known for creating music and songs for the successful Norwegian kids sci-fi show Kometkameratene, released in the early fall of 2009. News, full dicography, free downloads and other information about Ugress can be found at the official site

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