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Ula biography

Ula [pronounced as ‘Yulia’] is not just a popular Russian girls name; it is also ‘the first singing robot-girl’, created by Russian producer Vlad Kreymer, better known to some as That Black. The main concept of the musical experiment now known as Ula was to use vocals, created expclusively by means of synthesized speech technology. In other words, Ula is a virtual singer, and through these tracks she expresses herself and explains her electronic world. The music on Just an Engine is quite melodic and emotional, but it is difficult to place this material within specifically defined style or direction. Although the record is electronic in its essence, it does not always sound very synthetic or digital, mainly thanks to the variety of instruments used. In some parts this album reminds of the French scene (Air or Daft Punk), in other parts it seems to be closer to synth-pop and electroclash, without sounding too fashionable or cheesy. Most of the tracks here are slow electronic ballads, with a few moving pieces, that could work great on the dancefloor. The sound palette is quite amazing, and Kreymer did a great job in all aspects of production. This album is almost like a trip through Ula’s synthetic world, her experiences and feelings of being “just an engine”, as the title aptly suggests. She’s your guide on this melodic journey, which you will definitely enjoy. [Bio courtesy of Electropsutnic.com (http://electrosputnik.com/cd_CTCD047.php)]

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