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Ulan Bator was founded in 1995 by Amaury Cambuzat and Olivier Manchion. Near Paris, they discovered an abandoned chalk mine, which they decided to use as a rehearsal space and recording studio. They recorded and produced their first three albums (Ulan Bator, 2°, Végétale) for Les Disques du Soleil et de l'Acier in this space. Several days before starting the recording of the first album, they decided to add a drummer to the band, so drummer Franck Lantignac joined the band from 1995 to 1998, performing at festivlas like Transmusicales de Rennes, Roskilde, Musique Action. From autumn 1996 to summer 1997, Manchion and Jean-Hervé Péron organized the first live collaboration between Ulan Bator and Faust. In 2000 was released on Young God Records the most famous Ulan Bator album, Ego:echo, which was produced by Michael Gira (Swans) and followed by the release of OK:KO. In 2002, Olivier Manchion left and founded Permanent Fatal Error and performed live with Damo Suzuki. Ulan Bator as Cambuzat released Nouvel Air in 2003 and Rodeo massacre in 2005. From september 2005 to spring 2006, the original trio reformed, performing first at Avant garde festival by Jean-Hervé Péron of Faust. Also, Cambuzat and Manchion performed again with Faust (founder members Diermaier and Péron) from 2005 to 2007. They recently released Ulaanbaatar, a compilation of unreleased studio and live tracks from the first years of the original trio.

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