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There are several bands with this name: a Swedish viking rock band, an Estonian hard rock band, and a black metal band from China. 1. Ultima Thule (Swedish band) are one of the oldest and most popular bands from the Viking-Rock genre. They formed in 1984 out of the punk band Ugly Spots. Most of their songs are about Nordic mythology, patriotism and the beautiful landscapes of the north. Ultima Thule are an apolitical band, altough early in their career they had some connections to far-right political organisations and bands. Ultima Thule are one of the few bands in Sweden that simoultaniously have had 3 albums and 2 singles on the TOP 20 saleschart. Their latest album was 2009's "Korpkvädet". 2. Ultima Thule (Estonian band) are a rock band. They formed in 1986. The leader of the group has been the guitarist and (later) singer Riho Sibul. Ultima Thule has been one of the most influential Estonian bands of the 1980s and 1990s. Their style has been characterized as a blend of blues-rock with witty lyrics and influences of Estonian folk-music. The original singer of the band, Tõnis Mägi has in the 2000s mainly chosen a solo career as well as the former drummer Peeter Jõgioja (featuring also in 2004 Eurovision song contest with the group Neiokõsõ). 3. Ultima Thule (Chinese band) are a black metal band and participated in the "A Tribute To Burzum: Triumph und Wille" with song En Ring Til Å Herske. 4. A psychedelic-hardcore-ska-punk fusion band from South London (UK) during the late eighties. One album "Bombolini Hey!"

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