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There are at least 8 bands with the name "Ultimatum": 1. - A thrash metal band from the USA, 2. - A Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Croatia 3. - A hardcore punk band from australia, 4. - An RAC/thrash metal band from france, 5. - A death metal band from Romania, 6. - An oi! band from Columbia and 7. - A rap group from the USA 8. - Female fronted heavy metal band from Mexico City 9. - An RAC band from Moscow, Russia. 10. - An early 80's synth pop band from Germany. 1. Ultimatum is a late-1980s-styled thrash metal band from Albuquerque, New Mexico, USA. Ultimatum has been hard at work finishing up their fourth full length album called "Into the Pit". Recorded in their home town of Albuqerque, NM at Site 16 Studios with producer Ysidro Garcia at the helm of this project this is sure be the essential Ultimatum CD to obtain. "Into the Pit" will prove to be Ultimatum's best work yet impressing both old and new fans alike with their more powerful and aggressive style. If you've heard their Limited EP "Till the End" which sports four tracks that will be on the album then you know this album is sure to rock all Christian metal/thrash fans hard and heavy which is no less than what Ultimatum's fans would expect. With "Into the Pit" to be released Spring 2007 and backed with a US tour Ultimatum will take the Christian Metal/Thrash Scene by storm. Songs on the CD will include tracks "Heart of Metal", "Death Wish", "Transgressor", "Game Over" and "Blood Covenant" as well as an added bonus cover of Iron Maiden's "Wrath Child". For more information and sample tracks please visit their myspace at www.myspace.com/ultimatummetal or www.ultimatum.net . 2. Ultimatum is a Hard Rock / Heavy Metal band from Split, Croatia, founded in 2001. They released their first album, Ulice zla, in 2008 through the major Croatian label Croatia Records and recorded three promotional videos, for the songs Ulice zla, Labud and Mojoj Ljubavi. The band has finished recording of their second album entitled U Vihoru Vremena, which is scheduled for the release in 2012. Line-up: Mate Vukorepa - lead vocals Ante Barišić - lead guitar, backing vocals Mihovil Čerina - rhythm guitar, backing vocals Marin Miletić - bass Mladen Jurišić - drums 3. Ultimatum were an influential hardcore punk band based in Melbourne, Australia. Ultimatum formed in 1995 and were the first vegan straight-edge band in Australia. They appeared around the same time that Earth Crisis released the definitive record 'Destroy the Machines'. Ultimatum were also one of the early Australian bands to introduce the modern 'new school' metal influenced form of hardcore to Australia. They were also recognised, not only for their vegan straight edge stance, but also for their emotional and politically charged lyrics. They garnered a following around Australia, Asia and in Europe with the release of their first self titled EP in 1997, recorded by engineer Scott Harper. Ultimatum's second EP was a split CD released on Melbourne based Trial and Error/Shock Records, with highly regarded and now defunct hardcore band Not for You. This release promptly sold out and is now a rare item. During their time, Ultimatum performed with international bands H2O, Strife, Vision of Disorder, Sommerset and Australian bands Mindsnare, 28 Days, Vicious Circle and many others. Ultimatum disbanded in 2000. Members of the band have gone on to perform in other outfits in various music genres. Some of these bands include Within Blood, Hitlist and Retired Poets League. 4. French Ultimatum released two albums: Rébellion in 2000, Jeunes et Européens in 2002. The band has split. 5. Romanian death metal band. 6. Columbian Oi band. 7. American rap group from Toledo, Ohio. 8. Female fronted heavy metal band from Mexico City. formed in 1984, they released 2 albums. "Ultimatum" in 1986 & "No Te Detengas" in 1989.

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