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Ultraspank biography

Despite boasting an appellation better suited to a top-shelf flagellation magazine than an ear-scorching rock crew, the Los Angeles quintet Ultraspank pummel away with uncompromising metal belligerence. Their sophomore effort after changing their name from Indica in 1996 is a quantum leap forward from their eponymous 1998 debut. Leather-lunged vocalist Pete Murray careens from harmonic restraint to full-tilt throat abuse on the devastating "Crack." Incubus DJ Chris Kilmore joins the throng on "Stuck," which also benefits from the contributions of former Ozzy Osbourne knob-twiddler Peter Collins. Ultimately, Ultraspank relies on all-conquering force to steamroller listeners into abject submission. ---------------- Ultraspank was a metal band in the 1990s and early 2000s. Their original name was Spank, but due to legal reasons they were forced to change it. During an interview with Rob Zombie, Zombie suggested they should call themselves "Ultra" Spank. This is noted in the liner notes of their self titled debut. Their second album, "Progress" came out in 2000, and didn't sell very well due to a lack of promotion. After being dropped by their record label, they split up, and guitarist Neil Godfrey joined downthesun to record their self-titled debut album. Before the album's release, Godfrey exited downthesun and joined Motograter for a brief period before starting Lo-Pro with former vocalist Pete Murray (not to be confused with Australian singer Pete Murray).

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